Suge – Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez Lyrics

Suge – Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez Lyrics 2019

Suge Lyrics Details:-

Track Name: Suge
Artist: Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez
Released: AUGUST 8, 2019

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Ain’t no one colder than me
I am straight from the mud I got me a plug
Now I be rolling with Meech you think you the s**t
I think you a b***h now go ahead and call the police
These niggas’ll trip you are homie’s a snitch you’ll probably be home in a week
I hit up Tory and told him I know you don’t like me but f**k it I’m over the beef (word)
Tell ’em we could be friends invited them over and gave them some soda and bleach
They say Joyner you lost them I tell them you soft now go take a stroll in a beach (yeah)
N***a I got the sauce I’m a dog just don’t get ahold of my leash (woof)
Y’all niggas back to the bluffin’ (blaow)
Joyner get back to the bustin’
If I don’t make a few millions and shed it I might just go back to the hustlin’
I got me some product and I ain’t gonna hide it I might just start trappin’ in public
I might go to prison to free all my niggas that’s word to Harriet Tubman
Tired of you askin’ me questions I’m sick of it
Why you keep shuttin’ down in the internet
Why do you have so much talent and benefits
Why you keep droppin’ your album and incrimates
A.D.H.D. is a social experiment
Who pay attention when most people are hearin’ it
You cannot stop in this there’s no interferin’ it
This is my moment and no one is sharin’ it
N***a I’m just gettin’ started I hit all my targets I promise I’m very ..
If I do not win this Grammy this year I’ll blare that b***h ip and everyone dyin’
I think all my s**t is hot if everyone thinkin’ it’s not then everyone lyin’
I hope my s**t doesn’t flop ’cause I’ll put a gun in your head make everyone buy it
The weak and the hoe you get buried beside it
All you get buried in silence and the day that you died
I buried the diamonds I’m killin’ you niggas you barely survivin’
I think I’m so high I can marry a pilot

I’m Area 51 alien you are flyin’ in a scary environment
S**t on the planet you hearin’ the sirens I’m very excited
And you shouldn’t involve in Joyner got too many problems (word)
I told that little b***h I’m down for the threesome as long as it’s you and your momma (yeah)
I ain’t got no patience I love to get dirty but f**k it I’m cool with the drama (cool)
When niggas be hatin’ I tell them no worries my n***a Hakuna Matata
I don’t wear Prada I just wear me a white-T
I rock some Margielas I still wear that Nikes
I roll with some hitters I know you don’t like me
I s**t on you niggas now bring me some wifey
She think I’m a killer well maybe I might be
I ain’t got no feelings I dare you to fight me
I sleep with the .. I’m barely enlighted
Get p***y and money it really excites me
You read it don’t try me so BAOW
F**k all you pricks you cannot harm me I think you a b***h
You think I’m corny? I think I’m the s**t
When she get horny she think of my d**k
When I was broke I would think like I’m rich
‘Til I fucked all my credit and hit me a lick
Then I got me some money to get me a crib
And then blow it on bitches for plenty of fish
F**k was I thinkin? I’m goin back to the streets
If Freddy and Jason had babies my n***a I promise that would be me (word)
Niggas all in my honey and actin’ all funny I think I’m attracted to bees
They told me that I changed I look in the mirror like what the f**k happened to me?
Ever since I came up these niggas been so in their feelings
And counted my pockets I know that it’s fillin’
Tell me you’re probably I know that you’re jealous
Money keep pilin’ I know that you smell it
You think you entitled? Well suck on a d**k and I hope that you swallow it
That’s how I’m feelin’ put that on the bible
Don’t call me your family you know you’re my rival I do what I gotta
Now turn the fuckin’ TV on I’m all up in the media
And ain’t nobody wanna see me up a n***a heated up
I’m like a sickle cell anemia I really mean it
But I’m about to slow a n***a breathin’ up I think he seen enough
I go to hell a fuckin’ demon I think I’m mean enough
To beat a n***a up with Adidas ’til I f**k the stickers up
I’ll suckerpunch you when I’m stickin’ up
You couldn’t see me but I had to hit them like a meteor
Remember giddy up and get to druggin’ from all of the suckin’
I fell in love with the guns and I got a hundred away
Like every day get bustin’ and put one in your stomach
I got ’em droppin’ and runnin’ you better cover the duckin’
I’m not one to be fucked with I’m not the one you think you could do it you run to this gun it’s gonna beee

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